How it works


What is FlirtyFeet Fans?

FlirtyFeet Fans is a tool that allows influencers to monetize their fan base through premium, private social media accounts and private FlirtyFeet Fans content feed and messaging platforms. FlirtyFeet Fans connects you, the influencers of the social media world, with admiring and passionate fans. FlirtyFeet Fans easy-to-use account management dashboard allows you to manage your members easily and efficiently. FlirtyFeet Fans provides you with all of the tools necessary to successfully monetize your fan base on FlirtyFeet Fans Stories, Feed, Clips, DMs, live streaming and so much more. Sign up today!

How does FlirtyFeet Fans work for Influencers?

With FlirtyFeet Fans you'll be monetizing your fan base in no time. All you need to do is create an account at FlirtyFeet.Net, spend a few minutes setting up your FlirtyFeet Fans page, and send your FlirtyFeet Fans page link to your fan base. It's that easy! When your page attracts fans, they can sign up to your various perks and offers. They will then have one-on-one access to you and your most intimate moments, as long as they remain a paying customer. Earn even more when you refer other influencers or opt-in to our affiliate program.

How do I migrate my fans?

Have you heard the news? Is your old platform banning adult content? No need to worry, we’ve got your back! FlirtyFeet Fans team will help you not only transfer all your content over, but we’ll bring your fans as well. Your history with them, all of their purchased content, everything. No one has to lose anything, FlirtyFeet Fans will take care of you and your fans; migration is available right now!

How does FlirtyFeet Fans handle payouts?

FlirtyFeet Fans pays its influencers once a week by the following methods: SEPA, ACH, CHECK, WIRE, USDT, PAXUM and SKRILL.